Garmin GPS 12

This small unit fits the weekend angler's budget and yet is as accurate as the big ones.

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 Comparatively inexpensive

 12 satellite uplink for accuracy

 500 waypoint memory

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 Weak plastic console mount

 Battery every day life is only enough for just one fishing trip

 Waypoint input is cumbersome


 A little, light weight, hand held GPS unit

 Uses as much as 12 satellites for accurate readings

 Provides either compass heading or runway path

Guide Review - These guys 12

Finding Your Way

Garmin has put lots of product in a small package. The GPS 12 is arguably the most popular hand held GPS unit. It arrives with a nice array of add-on options, including a small plastic console mount and a cigarette lighter cord to save you on batteries.

I favor the roadway guidance towards the compass heading mode, however it has both should you prefer one over the other. With 500 waypoints in its memory, you can store a lot of fishing spots.

The waypoint input is like all of the handhelds - a lot more than cumbersome. But that can be overlooked if you study the user guide and practice.

Battery life is advertised as 12 hours. I'm able to get 12 hours, but just with the most expensive batteries - the system takes four AA batteries. I end up buying four new ones every trip just to make sure I can go back home. The cigarette lighter cord option fixes battery problem, but in rough water, I find the plastic console mount is not strong enough to hold the system. So, I wind up using it as a true handheld, and consequently need the batteries.

I find this GPS to be an excellent value along with a very accurate unit. I have never seen it be off by more than about ten feet, and frequently puts me exactly at that moment.

Garmin GPS 12